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Jonathan Mallard is your average working man, husband and devoted father of one. But at the end of a long day, he enjoys talking with the dead all across Newfoundland. His journey from atheist to paranormal investigator and E.V.P. researcher is chronicled here in this fully interactive eBook. Sixty five examples of electronic voice phenomena and instrumental trans-communication are documented in the case studies of this book and all are featured in corresponding videos. This gives you to a truly interactive experience with paranormal activity as you read and hear what it is like to bridge the gap between here and the other side. The jaw dropping, belief challenging data collected by Mallard is broken down into simple terms for any horror fan or spiritually curious person to digest. One thing is for certain, after reading and hearing these real spirit communications, you will gain insight into the greatest question ever posed: What happens to us when we die?


Jonathan has written a book about electronic voice phenomena. It is currently available for sale on Amazon via their Kindle service.


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Jonathan Mallard

Jonathan Mallard is a former atheist turned paranormal investigator. Fueled by a thirst for knowledge of what happens to us when we die, Jon has dedicated his life to paranormal investigation. He is the media front man looking after the L.A.D.S. Facebook page, as well as producing Youtube videos and various other projects. He is the author of the book “NewfiEVP: Talking with the Dead in Newfoundland” which is a study of Electronic Voice Phenomenon in Newfoundland and also the host of the Odd to Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast. If the Life After Death Society had a heart, it would be Jon Mallard. Jon’s main focus while investigating is Electronic Voice Phenomenon and the mechanics behind it.

“My biggest fear is that when we die the whole world goes black and there is nothing. I do what I do so that when the time comes I will have an idea of what will happen to me when I die. Science and religion can’t answer, so I am searching for those answers myself.”
Jonathan Mallard

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“Project Ghost-Bro” is an upcoming documentary about electronic voice phenomenon in Newfoundland. It will star Newfoundland paranormal investigator, podcaster and best selling author Jonathan Mallard. It will also be narrated by his sister, Amanda Mallard. She is best known for her work on Where the Wild Things Go (2004), Cold Blood (2008) and I Didn’t Do It (2012).

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Be sure to check out Jonathan Mallard’s podcast: Odd to Newfoundland




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